PR agencies can not be the ACCUSED, the JUDGE and the JURY of its own work.

P+ Measurement services deploy the *P+MCA  methodology which allows us to drill down to the original source material carrying your news and we filter data based on various metrics. The resulting information will be presented to you in the form of charts where your brand media performance will be analyzed in detail.


The *P+MCA methodology is recognized as a commercial system for media content evaluation and analysis. This system is built on the  Barcelona principles 2.0.


We track important elements such as author, spokepersons, publication type, headlines, passive, placement, key online and print influencer, views,  brand and industry topics, citation, tonality and many more.

Our in-depth approach for tracking and evaluating all the media coverages you want allows us to present the entire information. All stories are evaluated by trained Media analysts, without clumsy automation on the qualitative points generating false sentiment and tone scores. P+’s method of only individually analyzed stories ensures the highest level of reliability in PR measurement.

We measure far beyond what automation can deliver

The P+ Measurement Media Content Analysis(*P+MCA) is built on The Barcelona Principles, providing our clients with industry compliant audit. P+ Measurement Services is a proud member and strong supporter of AMEC and the measurement principles they promote.