P+ Advantage

Get a clear sense of the specifics of your coverage, every time.
  • Cut Through Noise. Comprehensive media monitoring, with advanced capabilities and human analysis, to ensure you only get relevant coverage.   
  • Executive-Ready Daily Briefs. Get the most pertinent coverage straight to your inbox each morning for any coverage topic, with a human-curated daily media brief.
  • Dedicated Media Analysts. From setting up and fine-tuning searches, to adding coverage context and sentiment, your dedicated media analyst will ensure you’re delighted with every report and media brief delivered.
  • Go Back in Time. See a full view into all of your past coverage by pulling historical reports of your saved articles, with no limitations on publish date.
  • Monitor Influencers. Monitor any keyword or media list to see the latest social conversations and online and print news so you can stay on top of your most important influencers.