"At P+ Measurement Services, we use data science to analyze public, social and editorial media content"

P+ Measurement Services is Nigeria leading and fastest growing indigenous Independent Communications/PR Measurement and Evaluation agency that focus on delivering detailed Media Monitoring, Measurement, Evaluation and Analysis across the full spread of media channels.

 Our senior team has years of combined global communications measurement, media audit, media intelligence, media research and big data management experience, which gives us a level of insight and authority that goes well beyond the norm in standard client/supplier relationships.


We deploy the *P+MCA (P+ Media Content Analysis) methodology, recognized as a commercial system for media content evaluation and analysis. P+MCA methodology quantitatively and qualitatively analyzes media coverage by taking into account several metrics which include;


  • Placement of media reports (Front page, Headline, Photo/Logo/Chart mentions, passing mentions, illustrations, cartoons, screen grab of video content and lead items in print and online platforms)
  • Mechanical Data – (Segment analysis, Page type, Page size and Page color, Top & Lower Tier Analysis)
  • Messages, both favorable and unfavorable, communicated in the media
  • Sources quoted (including organization representatives, spokesperson, reporters, influencer and other individuals who make relevant comments in the media)
  • P+ Measurement Services  subscribes to two (2) online media monitoring services for near real-time online media tracking and monitoring

Combining the latest technology and human analysis techniques, we are able to provide unique actionable insights to allow companies develop effective communication strategies.

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