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A Data-Driven Media Intelligence Consultancy

Our human-curated media monitoring and performance audit services help Public relations professionals understand and demonstrate the impact of their media engagement and reputation.

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Provide customized, smart and flexible media audit service

Our team and resources are dedicated to a 24/7 online media monitoring schedule that instantly delivers negative media exposure to your mobile via instant messaging.

Print Media Monitoring

Our team is dedicated to a daily monitoring schedule to pull out the latest news headlines and passing mentions matching your requirement and also report what is being written about companies, brand, CEO, people, issues and competitors.

Web & Social Media Monitoring

We monitor a wide range of online media news sites and also filter news mentions that are relevant to the client. We allow you to listen to what people are saying about your brand, CEO, competitors, industry, and regulators in near real-time across all online media channels.

Broadcast Media Monitoring

From top TV and Radio stations to the smallest stations and everything in between, we record and monitor local and national TV and Radio stations on behalf of our clients.

Media Performance Audit

We deploy the P+MCA methodology which allows us to drill down to the original source carrying your news and we filter data based on metrics. The resulting information will be presented to you in a chart where your brand, competitors, and industry media performance will be analyzed and audited in detail

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Measure beyond automated solution

Over the years, we have been able to provide media monitoring, measurement, evaluation, and performance audit services for brands, agencies, and government bodies

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Our clients say

Nkiru Olumide-Ojo
I worked with P+ Measurement Services, where they provided measurement services for our brand. They are strategic in their input, futuristic in their outlook and an amazing partner on managing upheavals in the media management value chain. They are a young and nimble agency and I'd recommend them easily

— Nkiru Olumide-Ojo

Regional Executive Head, Marketing & Corporate Communication · Standard Bank Group

Gabriel Okeowo
P+ has been of great support to our work at BudgIT as it serves as a media crawler and auditor for our PR activities, which is relevant for impact tracking but more importantly for quickly identifying negative vibes around our work, giving us the opportunity to respond swiftly to issues. We commend the high professionals of the P Plus team and their services to any organisation

— Gabriel Okeowo

Principal Lead/CEO- BudgIT Foundation

Toni Kan
At radi8 which I co-founded 10 years ago, we have evolved a 5 pronged PR matrix that guides the work we do: Awareness, Acquisition, Engagement, Containment and Measurement. While Acquisition is usually the end game, without measuring impact and reviewing feedback you will lose customers. In Nigeria, P+ Measurement is the clear leader. I have worked with them and no other company does it better in these climes.

— Toni Kan

PR and Communications Expert

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