Is ROI the Best Metric to Measure PR Success?

Return on investment (ROI) has become the metric above all metrics to demonstrate success for PR, because it connects PR outcomes to corporate goals and revenues. Here’s the thing though. Although everything is measurable – even PR — and there’s a right metric for everything, measuring ROI is not always an accurate or effective way […]


#EvaluatePR Takeaway- May Edition

Missed the #EvaluatePR May Edition? Find the recap below. Moderator: Damilola Joseph- @flynesdharme Guest:  Tonya Khoury– @thisisTonya;  – South Africa Damilola Sobajo, – @damisreality – Nigeria  & Olufunke Mohammed– @Lyma1505 – Nigeria   Q1: Can we meet you professionally (name, profession and company)? #EvaluatePR @damisreality I am Damilola Sobajo, a PR strategist. I work with @Sesema_PR #EvaluatePR @ThisIsTonya My name is Tonya […]



By: ZACH SCHONFELD  Are you a reporter? OK, quick experiment: Search your inbox for “Valentine’s Day.” What pops up? Lots of items, probably—romantic plans with your partner, maybe, or E-cards from your mom, but mostly an unrelenting deluge of bad PR pitches somewhat bafflingly themed around February 14. “New York has been ranked the #2 […]


8 Common Myths about Working as a Solo PR Consultant

More people are working on their own as freelancers and independent consultants, including public relations professionals. Up to 162 million people are working independently throughout the United States and European Union, McKinsey Global Institute states in its report Independent Work: Choice, Necessity and the Gig Economy. “This is a bigger phenomenon than we thought, and it’s […]


Study on Trump’s Earned Media Shows What’s Wrong with AVEs

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore Donald Trump has received plentiful media coverage in his presidential campaign – far more media coverage than any other candidate in the 2016 presidential campaign. The real estate mogul has more delegates than other Republican candidates while spending far less for paid advertising than most other presidential candidates. According to a New York […]


AVE: Public Relations is Not Advertising.

Photo Credit: The Measurement Standard With the focus of management on ‘bottom line’ results, PR and corporate communication practitioners have sought ways to show a dollar value of their efforts. One approach to this has been the practice of calculating Advertising Value Equivalents (AVEs), referred to as ‘ad values’ for short, which involves counting column centimetres […]