Is ROI the Best Metric to Measure PR Success?

Return on investment (ROI) has become the metric above all metrics to demonstrate success for PR, because it connects PR outcomes to corporate goals and revenues. Here’s the thing though. Although everything is measurable – even PR — and there’s a right metric for everything, measuring ROI is not always an accurate or effective way […]


#EvaluatePR Takeaway- AMEC Measurement Month Edition

Missed the #EvaluatePR AMEC Measurement Month Edition? Find the recap below. Guests: Steph Bridgeman – @stephbridgeman Obafemi Farinde – @FemiFabs Francois van Dyk – @sbalie Damilola Sobajo – @damisreality Tonya Khoury – @thisIsTonya Godfrey Adejumoh – @godfrey_adejumo Joel Pereyi – @thepereyi   Q1: Please tell us what you do and how you got there #EvaluatePR […]


#EvaluatePR Takeaway- May Edition

Missed the #EvaluatePR May Edition? Find the recap below. Moderator: Damilola Joseph- @flynesdharme Guest:  Tonya Khoury– @thisisTonya;  – South Africa Damilola Sobajo, – @damisreality – Nigeria  & Olufunke Mohammed– @Lyma1505 – Nigeria   Q1: Can we meet you professionally (name, profession and company)? #EvaluatePR @damisreality I am Damilola Sobajo, a PR strategist. I work with @Sesema_PR #EvaluatePR @ThisIsTonya My name is Tonya […]


Reelforge Partners P+ Measurement Services for Media Monitoring in Nigeria & Ghana.

Lagos, Nigeria – In a bid to foster partnerships and address the ever-increasing demand for a comprehensive media monitoring and measurement service to brands in the African market, P+ Measurement services has entered into a strategic partnership with Reelforge Media monitoring, one of Africa’s fast-growing media monitoring agency covering more than 5 countries across East Africa. Under […]


#EvaluatePR Takeaway- January Edition

Missed The January Edition of # EvaluatePR? Find the recap below.   Moderator: Damilola Joseph- @flynesdharme Guest: Fred Oriunuebho- @airiafo ,  Femi Farinde- @femifabs  & Chima Odinma –@hchima   Q1: Can we meet you professionally (name, profession, and position) and kindly explain briefly your understanding of measurement and evaluation? #EvaluatePR @Airiafo A1. I’m Fred Oriunuebho, a […]


Preparing for a product rollout with Media Monitoring

There’s so much going on in the months, weeks, and days leading up to a product rollout that maybe you haven’t spent the time thinking about your media monitoring. This would be a mistake, because doing some work monitoring before the rollout has many benefits, from examining what the landscape looks like for the new […]


Top PR Measurement Moments in Nigeria 2017

2017 saw a lot of events, growth and education in the Independent PR Monitoring and Measurement Industry in Nigeria  – Here are some of the highlights of 2017. Public relations Measurement awareness in Nigeria grew from 25% in 2016 to 37% in 2017, with 19% usage of PR Measurement program. 2017 witnessed a remarkable increase […]


Why PR agencies should partner with Media monitoring companies?

Media monitoring has been an essential part of PR since the very beginning of public relations as an industry. Today’s market is ever more demanding of media monitoring. No individual PR officer or department can hope to track and analyze the flourishing landscape of online media and publications. Even a seasoned PR agency is usually […]


11 Questions to Ask Media Monitoring & Measurement Vendors

Corporate public relations departments, non-profit organizations and their PR agencies employ media monitoring to handle crises, manage corporate reputation, and evaluate the impact of their PR activities. Social media monitoring and measurement also helps businesses and brands improve customer service, conduct market research and pinpoint fruitful marketing strategies. The widespread popularity of social media has […]


Katie Paine’s 6 Steps to PR Measurement Success

PR often fails to gain budget resources and the respect of management because of poor measurement practices or the lack of measurement. The faulty measurement practices include bad metrics, misaligned goals, and failure to include social media in PR measurement, among other factors, according to PR measurement guru Katie Delahaye Paine, CEO of Paine Publishing. It’s […]