Is ROI the Best Metric to Measure PR Success?

Return on investment (ROI) has become the metric above all metrics to demonstrate success for PR, because it connects PR outcomes to corporate goals and revenues. Here’s the thing though. Although everything is measurable – even PR — and there’s a right metric for everything, measuring ROI is not always an accurate or effective way […]


9 Distressing PR Measurement Failings

Measurement offers the public relations industry one of its top growth opportunities. PR agency executives surveyed by the USC Annenberg Center for Public Relations ranked measurement third out of 18 potential growth drivers. Two-thirds of agency executives and over half (54%) of in-house PR executives say measurement is very or extremely important as a growth […]


#MeasurePR Takeaway- #PRProf Edition

Host: Shonali Burke – @shonali. Compiled By: Damilola Joseph – @flynesdharme of @pplusmeasure   Q1: Please tell us what you do, how you got there. What got you interested in learning how to #measurePR and communication?   @CarolynMaeKim A1: Hi everyone! I’m a #PRProf, researcher, author and #SocialMedia consultant. I fell in love with the […]


Time to Learn to Love PR Measurement

PR folks aren’t known for their math or analytics acumen. Many of us entered PR in the first place because we prefer words to numbers and dislike number-crunching. I know. I personally haven’t balanced a checking account in decades – and neither has my wife. (Our CPA balances the corporate accounts – and churns out […]


5 Essential PR Metrics to Measure Earned Media

PR has traditionally struggled to measure its results and quantify its contribution to concrete business objectives. PR measurement experts decry advertising value equivalence (AVE), which rates earned media by comparing it to advertising of similar size and placement, as an invalid metric. The days of evaluating public relations campaigns by counting clips and measuring column […]


Communication and PR Academics Support Call to End Use of AVEs

AMEC Academic Advisory Group Statement     Leading international communication and public relations academics have welcomed and supported the “Say No to AVEs” call by AMEC to end the use of advertising value equivalents (AVEs) as a purported measure of editorial media publicity.   The Academic Advisory Group to AMEC, comprised of Professor Anne Gregory, […]


Katie Paine’s 6 Steps to PR Measurement Success

PR often fails to gain budget resources and the respect of management because of poor measurement practices or the lack of measurement. The faulty measurement practices include bad metrics, misaligned goals, and failure to include social media in PR measurement, among other factors, according to PR measurement guru Katie Delahaye Paine, CEO of Paine Publishing. It’s […]



Missed the #amecsummit 2017? Find below quotes, advice, insight with data, measurement industry analysis, and growth of the industry and supporting photos.   “AVE is no longer a representative measure” says @ddey67 of @GSK  #PRmeasurement #AMECsummit #MeasurePR “Torture the data long enough, it will finally confess” by @JaminSpitzer @Microsoft  #amecsummit If you torture the data […]


8 Common Myths about Working as a Solo PR Consultant

More people are working on their own as freelancers and independent consultants, including public relations professionals. Up to 162 million people are working independently throughout the United States and European Union, McKinsey Global Institute states in its report Independent Work: Choice, Necessity and the Gig Economy. “This is a bigger phenomenon than we thought, and it’s […]