Is ROI the Best Metric to Measure PR Success?

Return on investment (ROI) has become the metric above all metrics to demonstrate success for PR, because it connects PR outcomes to corporate goals and revenues. Here’s the thing though. Although everything is measurable – even PR — and there’s a right metric for everything, measuring ROI is not always an accurate or effective way […]


#EvaluatePR Takeaway- September Edition

Missed the #EvaluatePR September Edition? Find the recap below. Guests: Johna Burke – @gojohnab Tosin Adefeko– @ToshAT3 Yomi Olaniwun – @mistalahz   Q1: Can we meet you professionally (name, profession and company)? #EvaluatePR @gojohnab A1 Johna Burke, Monday I’ll be the #AMEC Global Managing Director leading the global media measurement & evaluation community #EvaluatePR @BCaldwellUIS […]


#EvaluatePR Takeaway- July Edition

Missed the #EvaluatePR July Edition? Find the recap below. Guests: Barbara Bassi – @BassiBbassi Francois Van Dyk – @sbalie Godfrey Adejumoh – @godfrey_adejumo Q1: Can we meet you professionally (name, profession and company)? #EvaluatePR @sbalie A1: Francois van Dyk, Head: Operations, Ornico @OrnicoMedia #EvaluatePR @godfrey_adejumo I am Godfrey Adejumoh, Corporate Communications Manager, Unilever Nigeria #EvaluatePR […]


7 Tips to Assure Clean Data for PR Evaluation

While data from media monitoring and measurement allows public relations professionals to uncover valuable insights and demonstrate PR’s importance to their organization, inaccurate or corrupted data can lead to wildly incorrect conclusions. Clean data is essential to obtain accurate and meaningful insights and recommendations. Corrupted, or “dirty data,” can cause dreadful results. A single clip […]


#EvaluatePR Takeaway- June Edition

Missed the #EvaluatePR June Edition? Find the recap below. Guests: Austin Gaule – @austinomaha Muyiwa Akande – @duduskee Odusan Olaoluwa – @The1stCenturion   Q1: Can we meet you professionally (name, profession and company)? #EvaluatePR @The1stCenturion A1. Hello, I’m Laolu Odusan. Digital Analyst @quadrantcompany #EvaluatePR @austinomaha Austin Gaule, PR measurement director at @Universal_Info. I’m in the […]


#EvaluatePR Takeaway- April Edition

      Missed the #EvaluatePR April Edition? Find the recap below.   Moderator: Damilola Joseph- @flynesdharme   Guest: Seye Olurotimi– @seyeolurotimi; Supo Fadipe, – @desupofadipe & Lukmon Moyosore Oloyede – @i_amOloyede   Q1: Can we meet you professionally (name, profession and position)? #EvaluatePR @seyeolurotimi A1: I am Seye Olurotimi, a marketing communications practitioner. I am a Lead Consultant at CedarTribe, an Integrated […]


Time to Learn to Love PR Measurement

PR folks aren’t known for their math or analytics acumen. Many of us entered PR in the first place because we prefer words to numbers and dislike number-crunching. I know. I personally haven’t balanced a checking account in decades – and neither has my wife. (Our CPA balances the corporate accounts – and churns out […]


5 Essential PR Metrics to Measure Earned Media

PR has traditionally struggled to measure its results and quantify its contribution to concrete business objectives. PR measurement experts decry advertising value equivalence (AVE), which rates earned media by comparing it to advertising of similar size and placement, as an invalid metric. The days of evaluating public relations campaigns by counting clips and measuring column […]


A Brief History of Media Measurement

The 90-year story of why volume metrics dominate digital media By: Brent Merritt   If you’ve ever wondered why digital media analytics are dominated by measures of volume — pageviews, clicks, and their many cousins — you have to dig back far beyond the advent of the internet to find the answers. Below is the story of how media measures designed […]


#MeasurePR TakeAway – SEPTEMBER 2017 EDITION.

The #MeasurePR AMEC Measurement Month Edition was organised and produced by Shonali Burke Consulting.     Q1: Please tell us what you do, how you got there. What got you interested in learning how to #measurePR? #amecmm KHALISAKKAS @KHALIC A1: Started in journalism and moved into media research. Love analysing media trends and ways to measure […]