#EvaluatePR Takeaway- 12th Edition (Q1)

Missed the 12th Edition of the #EvaluatePR Tweet Chat event? Find the recap below. Guests: Mark Weiner- @WeinerMark Tosin Adejuwon– @tbillion112 Olutayo Irantiola – @peodavies Moderator: Damilola Joseph – @flynesdharme     Q1: May we meet you professionally? #EvaluatePR @tbillion112 A1: Good afternoon everyone. My name is Tosin Adejuwon, I work with @Bluebird_95 as Head, […]


#EvaluatePR Takeaway- July Edition

Missed the #EvaluatePR July Edition? Find the recap below. Guests: Barbara Bassi – @BassiBbassi Francois Van Dyk – @sbalie Godfrey Adejumoh – @godfrey_adejumo Q1: Can we meet you professionally (name, profession and company)? #EvaluatePR @sbalie A1: Francois van Dyk, Head: Operations, Ornico @OrnicoMedia #EvaluatePR @godfrey_adejumo I am Godfrey Adejumoh, Corporate Communications Manager, Unilever Nigeria #EvaluatePR […]


The Age of Crisis Demands a New Organization Chart, with Comms at its Head

By: Katie Paine   Why Corporate Communications should rule the organization… Why is it that so many organizations isolate communications from customers, the people that ultimately make money for the organization? This has bugged me for years, and now it’s bugging CEOs as well. The Conference Board just released great study called The C-Suite Challenge 2018: […]


B2B PR vs. B2C PR: 10 Important Differences You Need to Know

B2B business owners often make the mistake of a one-size-fits-all mentality when it comes to public relations. B2B PR, however, is considerably different than its B2C counterpart — with differences that could cost you big in your public relations strategy. Product launches, branding, and new initiatives demand a strong PR presence.  Read on to discover […]


Global Communications Firm Hires P+ Measurement Services To Provide Media Monitoring Service in Ghana Market.

Following its strategic partnership with East Africa media monitoring agency Reelforge Media Monitoring, P+ Measurement Services was on Monday, March 27, appointed by the global communications firm, Burness Communications to provide media monitoring services in Ghana market. P+ will be providing print, online, TV and radio monitoring for Burness in the West African country. Based […]


Are You Guilty of PR Data Bias? What, Why and How to Check

When it comes to marketing analysis, public relations has been known for output—media relationships developed, placements gained, awareness garnered, and perceptions changed. In-depth analysis and measurement of the outcomes of this output is a fairly new practice. Thus, standards around this measurement are still in development. With guidelines still being agreed upon, when a PR […]


Is PR Failing to Embrace New Technologies?

Some public relations veterans argue that the PR industry is slow to adopt new technology tools. PR veteran Bill Hankes argues in an article for Fast Companythat the industry is failing largely because of its unwillingness to embrace new technology. Journalists frequently complain about poor PR practices. Reviewing journalists’ comments on Facebook or Twitter quickly reveals […]


10 things young PR pros must stop doing

By: Julia Sahin As a young professional, I read and listen to a lot of advice from successful leaders on self-improvement and career enhancement. Most tips cover what we should do more of; rarely do we hear what we should stop doing. From the advice I’ve heard and things I’ve seen, I’ve put together a list of […]


6 Steps to Brand Forgiveness After a Crisis

By Richard Brownell The hardest job of managing a crisis may very well be cleaning up the mess. After the dust settles, your communications team needs to get right to work on repairing your brand’s tarnished image and regaining public trust. These are not easy tasks, and they can take a long time to accomplish, depending […]


8 Common Myths about Working as a Solo PR Consultant

More people are working on their own as freelancers and independent consultants, including public relations professionals. Up to 162 million people are working independently throughout the United States and European Union, McKinsey Global Institute states in its report Independent Work: Choice, Necessity and the Gig Economy. “This is a bigger phenomenon than we thought, and it’s […]