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Without a sense of purpose, no company, either public or private, can achieve its full potential” #purpose is crucial @jcohenPR #amecsummit

Every insurance company are going through transformation and now some embracing AI for measurement strategy @jcohenPR @AXIS_Capital  #AMECsummit @NaicomNG

Data collaboration is key! We need to eliminate the data silos in order to tell the best #analytics story and make strategic decisions! @JenWBruce #AMECSummit

Break down silos and enhance collaboration to provide meaningful insights and social intelligence @JenWBruce #AMECsummit

Create a single source of truth rather than data silos @JenWBruce #AMECSummit

Map your measurement metrics to your customer journey says @JenWBruce #AmecSummit

Be militant about your objectives And really understand your audience @AlexanderAiken  #AMECSummit

Failure is an integral part of learning processes says @AlexanderAiken  #amecsummit

3 things for future of communications measurement: social capital, new methodologies & integration @sergiguillot #AMECSummit

Social capital, science and integration will guide and shape the future of communications measurement industry- @sergiguillot @acceso  #amecsummit

Brands are no longer owned by companies, they are social capital. @sergiguillot #amecsummit

“We need to demonstrate value in money we spend in Public Relations, that’s why we measure” Jennifer Bruce, Global Leader of Communications Measurement, Adobe #AMECSummit


Reputation, Narrative and Corporate purpose are the key priorities for communication function @jcohenPR #amecsummit

We shouldn’t have an inferiority complex and think ‘advertising’ is better at measurement and evaluation than PR or communications. We can learn from advertising, but it isn’t better than  us. RichardBagnall #amecsummit #communication #measurements #advertising #measurements #evaluations

#Fact-  Instagram is the fastest growing @NATO social media platform. #AMECsummit

“AVEs on life support” says David Rockwell. Shall we all agree to put a DNR notice by the bed? #AMECSummit

 “AVEs on life support” about 20% companies still using David Rockland @KetchumPR #AMECSummit

Regular evaluation allows for course correction and better strategy! @jcohenPR of @AXIS_Capital #AMECsummit #measurement #analytics

OASIS!  It is necessary to set goals for intelligent action and understanding of recipients. #amecsummit @AlexanderAiken


More than 2/3 of AMEC members say their businesses can compete effectively only by investing in AI. Phil Lynch, @newton_insight #amecsummit

“We don’t have an evaluation deficit, we have a leadership deficit.”  @AlexanderAiken

PR no longer has an evaluation problem, it has a leadership problem says @AlexanderAiken.

 “May the best of our past be the worst of our future” regarding the future of the measurement and evaluation of communications David Rockland @KetchumPR #AMECSummit

Connecting business outcomes with communications effort is key #AMECSummit

The future of #measurement and #analytics is all about the combination of art & technology and a Risk and Maverick approach– @abesmith of @Cision #AMECSummit

Barcelona principles woke up the communications measurement industry and gave basics of the best practices standards. David Rockland on #AMECsummit


“Choose your metrics – there’s lots of data, but you need to make the right decisions to pull out insight” – @abesmith 🙌👍#amecsummit

The marriage between art and science, machines and humans, is incredibly important #amecsummit

“Choose your metric… UNICEF is different to eBay or Adobe” That’s why there can be no ‘silver bullet’ or one size fits all easy to use and understand metric to replace AVEs. PR and communications is complex that’s why measurement and evaluation will be complex @abesmith #amecsummit

“Choose your metric… Industries are different, that’s why there can be no ‘silver bullet’ or one size fits all easy to use for PR evaluation. PR and communications are complex that’s why Measurement and Evaluation will be complex #amecsummit @abesmith

Data collaboration is key! We need to eliminate the data silos in order to tell the best #analytics story and make strategic decisions! #AMECSummit @JenWBruce

How to link business objectives to comms and #PR objectives.  Sujit Patel of Godrej Industries at #AMECSummit

 “If a UN agency can implement the Barcelona Principles, anyone can” @PalomaUnicef #amecsummit

PR attribution is like enriched Uranium. Be careful! @jaminsp @Microsoft #AMECSummit

“PR puts us in a position to farm, marketing nurtures the field, sales folks harvest the crop” or “PR attribution – it’s the enriched uranium of measurement” – @jaminsp of @Microsoft at #AMECSummit

“If the only thing you’re measuring is ‘buy now’… then you’re missing the ‘permission to sell’.” Really important point by @jaminsp cautioning against ‘PR attribution’. Risk if you link to sales it is just as flawed as AVE #amecsummit

Change management is at the core of driving integration @Microsoft #AMECSummit

How to bridge the disconnect between comms and business metrics when measuring PR effectiveness

“If you torture the data, it will confess” – #AMECSummit  @jaminsp @Microsoft

“Very few people went into PR did it because they liked maths.” @jaminsp on some PR people’s aversion to data. Reminds me of @tpemurphy quote about PR people not doing ‘big data’ because they haven’t mastered small data yet #amecsummit

The more corporate the communication is, the less influence it brings, Teresa Manueco Pfeiffer @Cepsa #amecsummit

7 most expensive words in business “we have always done it that way” – @SKFgroup #AMECSummit

Campari group have a “torture test team” to check their measurement is easy to engage with and understand to everyone in the business. Such a great step, but is so often missed!  #AMECSummit

Listening and leadership is a virtuous cycle for successful companies. It’s necessary to aligned people in companies with listening culture @acceso #AMECSummit

Correlations & Attribution connect in #PR measurement. Jamin Spitzer #AMECSummit

“What makes the next campaign better is what didn’t work on this campaign” Campari group #AMECSummit

One small step for Measurement, one giant leap for PR @SujitPatil #AMECSummit

Return on Objectives – a giant leap for PR!  @SujitPatil #AMECSummit #commsmeasurement #PRMeasurement

”Shape, Shift and Share your story to deliver business impact” That’s what we explain PR is, @SujitPatil Kids get stories, so hopefully your daughter will like that! #AMECSummit

In the next 3 years, marketing departments will dedicate 22% of their budgets to #analytics. @HugleyA #AMECSummit

We are getting less intelligent and less skilled on human interaction as tech increases, so we need to ensure we develop together with #AI and not loose our strengths @HugleyA #AMECSummit

AMEC Measurement Maturity Mapper #AMECM3 – It’s NOT a model, it’s a TOOL! 😉 #amecsummit @AmecOrg

There has been a 5x increase in volume of #AI mentions in the news in the last 5 years… but, of 5% of that coverage mentions #PR, #advertising or #communications @HugleyA

AI is not an engine that will run on its own – a LOT of human input is required, to set up, but also to maintain @HugleyA #amecsummit

Human Intelligence is what drives innovation and AI, not vice versa Omar Manoud of @UNICEF #amecsummit

Two important points by @_ghop_ Gemma Moroney – 1) Use AMEC framework to collectively define contribution at planning stage 2) Use framework for course correction during campaign #amecsummit

In tackling fake news, we need to train ourselves in how to consume news says @HugleyA   #AMECSummit

Great reminder from @richardbagnall that lots of data already exists within an organisation but PR and comms don’t have it. Talk to people and ask. Often they don’t know you need it. Sometimes ‘politics’ means they don’t want you to have it. Just get it! #amecsummit

You can use evaluation to change the organisation, not just change customers or stakeholders – @jimmacnamara #amecsummit

LISTEN and SILENT are spelled with the same letters. We tried a listening exercise in the room – but there was no silence! #amecsummit

Relevance is the focus @jcmltwt #AMECSummit

Data integration strategy needs new skills and talent. There is no superhero that knows it all! @jcmltwt #AMECSummit

Listening is key to evaluation says @jimmacnamara at #AMECSummit

Brands are no longer the center of our measurement strategy @jcmltwt #AMECSummit

Listening and leadership is a virtuous cycle for successful companies. It’s necessary to aligned people in companies with listening culture @acceso #AMECSummit

Communication teams invest 95% of resources in disseminating info and not nearly enough time listening -@jimmacnamara #AMECSummit

 “Evaluation needs to show outcomes and ideally impact on audiences” #AMECSummit #measurement @jimmacnamara

Need to get beyond media metrics. Media is just the channelSays still a challenge for the industry. @jimmacnamara #amecsummit

The brand is not the center, is one part of the conversation @jcmltwt at #AmecSummit

We use the words customer centric a lot but it’s often organisation centric says @jimmacnamara at #amecsummit

The three challenges of Integrated Measurement @jcmltwt #AMECSummit

“Select KPIs that are really telling the story, not everything has to be measured” Ann-Sofie Krol, CEO & Co-founder @byBrick #AMECSummit

Good Communications can help increase Reputation and Reputation can help increase recommendation that have a significant impact on perceptions and business results @acceso #AMECSummit

It turns out that Word Of Mouth has a big impact in Business #AMECSummit #wordofmouth #business

There are new rules for communications in the banking industry. Citizens decide!  #AMECSummit #Banking #citizensdecide

“The best insights come from triangulation of data” @jimmacnamara #AmecSummit

“One number does not tell you anything. We need multiple data sets.” @jimmacnamara #AMECsummit

PRCA warns at #AMECSummit: “No time for complacency on evaluation” | Newsroom PRCA shar.es/anZqoc



OASIS! It is necessary to set goals for intelligent action and understanding of recipients. #amecsummit @AlexanderAiken #amecsummit

Customer Journey as part of @Adobe ‘s Evaluation Framework!!! It is so important and often overlooked. @JenWBruce #AMECSummit #measurement #analytics #customerjourney


A new #evaluation framework for government comms announced by @AlexanderAiken at #AMECSummit
State of PR measurement industry #AMECsummit 👌👏
This is what #measurement looked like 10 years ago says David Rockland of @KetchumPR #AMECSummit #pr


Your first look at the new @AmecOrg Measurement Maturity Mapper M3 unveiled by @colin_wheeler at #AMECSummit

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