#MeasurePR Takeaway- #PRProf Edition

Host: Shonali Burke – @shonali.

Compiled By: Damilola Joseph – @flynesdharme of @pplusmeasure


Q1: Please tell us what you do, how you got there. What got you interested in learning how to #measurePR and communication?



A1: Hi everyone! I’m a #PRProf, researcher, author and #SocialMedia consultant. I fell in love with the way data and analytics can help us #measurePR to transparently show impact and outcomes…its’ really defined a lot of my career!


A1: I teach public relations and organizational communication at @Ashland_Univ. #measurePR is always a big part of my classes to teach students how to evaluate the success of communication strategies and campaigns.


#measurepr A1: I wasn’t convinced that AVEs were the be-all and end-all of measurement, so decided to educate myself when I was editing my #PR club’s newsletter in San Francisco, I stumbled upon something @queenofmetrics had written and became a fangirl getting accredited by @IABC only helped me get more fascinated by measurement and it really started to define my career so now it’s a part of everything I do, including my teaching at @SAISHopkins MA/Comms program forgot to add that I also teach a course on #measurePR for @RutgersCommInfo … so it’s data data all around!


A1. I got introduced to measurement by my boss @gojohnab … kind of difficult to NOT learn from her! #measurePR > Insight-driven people … quality and quantity working together!


Q2: How have you seen measurement change in recent (or not so recent) years? #measurePR


A2. Moving away from relying on AVE to #MeasurePR. This article has a good list of 22 reasons to say NO to AVEs https://goo.gl/Zk1gBa  #MeasurePR


A2: In social, we are finally seeing a shift from quantity-to-quality of engagements. Previously, it seemed like we were playing a game of Pokémon, where the objective was to “catch them all.” (1/2) #MeasurePR


A2: With the rise in digital PR the change in measuring PR results is evident. What initially was limited to media presence and press releases have now opened up to Social media engagement and brand mentions as well. #measurePR


Q3: What’s the most outrageous #measurePR myth you’ve come across to date? How’d you combat it? #measurePR



A3: “You can’t #measurePR” is the biggest myth I hear. Education is a huge part of the response to this…but also sharing standards in our industry, like the # BarcelonaPrinciples2.0. I love this video from David B. Rockland to bring clarity to this myth!


A3: That measurement can only occur after a campaign is done. I drill my students with the knowledge that you must #measurePR before, during, and after a campaign.


A3: Myth: I’m busy therefore I’m effective #measurepr


A3. You can’t put a value on relationships #myth #measurepr


A3. Biggest #measurePR myth is that #PR campaigns can’t be measured. Can’t believe this still exists in 2018! #PR


Q4: Most common #measurement #fail you’ve seen (or been through!): GO. #measurePR

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A4: Not tying metrics to business goals. The metrics need to support the bigger picture. Otherwise, why are you doing it in the first place? #measurepr


A4: – how do you feel about a client asking “how many leads will PR get for my sales funnel?”


A4: The biggest fails I see tend to be in trying to #measurePR in the #digital world. People often confuse which metrics actually connect to their SMART objectives. I find this post by @hootsuite to be a really helpful guide to avoid similar mistakes.


A4b. Recently read @wadds’s article where he talked about fake accounts & fake engagement, which got me think even more about measurement.

@kfreberg 1d1 day ago

A4. Metrics = Math, and I am scared of math and that’s why I went to work / school in #PR. I tell my students to understand the field of PR, analytics and metrics will be your friend, and there are a TON of resources, tools, and professionals there for you. #MeasurePR


Q5: You all live and teach in different parts of the U.S. (and world!). Does the practice of #measurePR change with location?



A5: Cultural differences (even within the same country) can affect how our publics engage with campaigns. That’s why strong stakeholder research is needed to determine the appropriate objectives and evaluation methods for target publics. #measurePR


A5: Our #MeasurePR comes in metric, so be sure you’re ready to convert your likes, shares and RT counts into milliliters. But serious answer – fundamentals are the same world ’round but availability of tools, platforms or information may vary from place to place. #MeasurePR


I agree with @theelusivefish that irrespective of location, the fundamentals remain same.


Q6: What are your #measurePR predictions for 2018?



A6: I expect we’ll see more tools to make how we #measurePR even easier. Also, I think we’ll continue to refine how we analyze data in key areas of #PublicRelations like the digital, relational outcomes, and behaviors among stakeholders.


A6b. A great resource for newbies is the #AMEC Interactive Integrated Evaluation Framework https://amecorg.com/amecframework/  #measurePR


A6. Certifications are going to continue to be popular. I tell my students all the time learning does NOT end once they leave class or graduate. They have to embrace being a lifelong learner where new tools, metrics AND expectations will be put on them. #MeasurePR

Measurement is going to hopefully become more standardize and we are going to see more students coming in with the notion they have to be skilled in not only analyzing data, but collecting + integrating it into their daily responsibilities. #MeasurePR.

I think with recent crises related to influencers (ex. Logan Paul), it has made the field “wake up” + realize metrics – especially vanity ones – are not as reliable to use to gauge influence and key audience metrics. This is why micro-influencers are being used more. #MeasurePR


Q7: What is ONE thing #PR pros can start doing right now to better #measurePR?



A7. Go through certifications (make sure to check out the ones from @hootsuite @HubSpotAcademy @Brandwatch @googleanalytics), network and chat w/ fellow professionals and thought leaders in metrics/measurement, and continue to educate yourself each and every day! #MeasurePR


A7: Set clear and measurable goals. Then identify the strategies that will enable you to achieve them. #measurePR


A7: Implement #GoogleAnalytics! It’s important to measure the connection between web traffic and #media placements! #PR #PRmeasure


A7: The first and the foremost thing to is to start utilizing tools better. There are various tools available for measuring different activities. It’s all about putting some extra efforts into understanding this tools. #measurePR


Q8: Do you have an initiative/program you’d like #measurePR folk to know about? Please share!



A8: I focus a lot on #measurePR in my #SocialPR Virtuoso Master Course. It’s an incredible investment (right @KristK @kmmk1 @KensViews?) https://socialprvirtuoso.com  is where you can get the deets!


A8: @kfreberg and I (along with @ekinsky and @amberhutchins) will be launching #SMStudentChat in late January for students to connect over trending topics in #socialmedia. We would love for #measurePR professionals to join the convo. Launch details coming soon at @SMStudentChat.


A8:@OnePitchpr is a service that connects publicists with journalists who would be most interested in the topic of their pitch. PR pros spend less time building media lists, and journalists get all their most relevant pitches in one email a day. http://goo.gl/Q5sSQv  #measurePR

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